Casa Brasil

Casa Brasil

Casa Brasil is real legit, and their coffee tastes great too.  Casa Brasil Coffees began as just a Brazilian Cultural Center in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Austin. Their aim was to help Brazilians living in Central Texas and promote Brazilian culture, and now they are doing so by producing some of the best coffee the city has to offer.  All of the beans are imported from Brazil, which would seem limiting but apparently Brazil is huge and has tons of varying topography and it's amazing.  Casa Brasil's owner has lived in Brazil (he may actually still live down there part of the year - don't quote me) and he made personal connections with various Brazilian coffee farmers to source and just everything about this company is very pro-farmer, pro-organic coffee, pro-doing things right, etc -- which results in a magnificent as well as ethical product.  All of the coffee is roasted to order

Here is a list of their standard coffees (12oz):

Light Roasts: Fazenda Recanto,

Medium Roasts:  Bossa Blend, Sweet Cerrado, Poco Java, Familia Borges

Dark Roasts: Cafezinho, Samba Blend

Espresso: Cabral 1500 Espresso

Decaf: Brazilian Swiss Water Process Decaf

Single Origins:  Sao Francisco, Sitio Serra de Careta, Fazenda Samambaia, Fazenda Espigao do Palmital, Ohlos D'agua, 

If there's a specific type you'd like just make a note of it on your order! 

Check out their website at the link below: