Little City

Little City

Little City was born out of the self-inflicted constraints of Casa Brasil - using only beans grown in Brazil - and allowed the same skilled roasters to expand their bean selection and try something new.  Little City creates high quality micro-lots and blends from beans around the world - featuring flavor profiles like chocolate, orange, honey, cherry etc.  similar to Casa Brasil's but non-Brazilian beans.  I also like that all their coffees are named for something Austin related.  You can find their coffee served at Radio coffee, as well as a few other shops.                        Little City may be the sibling roaster of Casa Brasil, but you wouldn't know it unless I told you.  Which I did.  My favorite is probably the Violet Crown or the Myanmar single origin.  

Here is a list of their standard coffees (12oz):

Light Roasts:  Congress Avenue

Medium Roasts: Violet Crown

Dark Roasts:  Republic, The Grackle

Espresso:  The Messenger, Cold Brew Blend (specifically for Cold Brewing, available by request)

Decaf:  Slacker Blend Swiss Water Process Decaf

Single Origins:  Colombia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Guatemala, Mynamar Greenland Estate, Myanmar Tha Pye Gone, 

For more information check out their website at: www,