Pricing Levels

The only coffee Local Roast delivers is free-trade, organic, fair-farm beans roasted in the Austin area. This coffee is top quality and roasted to order, so it's constantly fresh and made every week. The initial purchase must cover the cost of shipping, but after that there is a discount. You can change your order by placing a new order - it will replace the old one as long as you put the new order in before your monthly charge/delivery. The changes in your order will take effect during your next monthly shipping/billing cycle, so whenever you change your order you won't be charged for it until your week comes up, and the coffee won't be sent until then either. If you are looking to have more than 4 bags of coffee delivered monthly please contact us at (4 is a shipping cutoff.) 


1 bag of quality gourmet coffee delivered monthly.


2 bags of quality coffee delivered each month.


3 bags of quality coffee delivered each month


4 bags of quality coffee delivered each month