Greater Goods

Greater Goods Coffee Roasters

Greater Goods is a husband and wife owned coffee roasting company that produces extremely high quality coffee beans as well as supporting their local community. Greater Goods has been serving the Austin area for awhile, supplying coffee shops and farmers markets across the city. They really focus on crafting excellent single origin coffees, and their selection of single origin is much wider than their standard blends. I really dig the way these guys do business - a portion of all their sales go to charity, with different types of coffee supporting different charities. While they roast beans out in Dripping Springs, they also have a cafe shop location on East 5th St. which is really gorgeous and has a great vibe.

Here is a list of their standard coffee blends (12oz):

Light Roasts: Stimulate, A.M. Rescue

Medium Roasts: Pick-Me-Up, Reids Blend, Connection (Cold Brew Blend, by request)

Dark Roasts: Kickstart

Espresso: Kickstart, Stimulate

Decaf: Low Strung

Single Origins: Life Saver (Guatemalan), Take Me Home (Costa Rican), Bright Minds (Colombian), Good Vibes (Brazilian), Spark (Mexican, espresso), Dos de Mayo (Peru), Butegana (Burundi)
Rise and Shine (Colombian), Fto Keto Tapasi (Papua New Guinea), Ndunduri (Kenya)

If there is any specific type you'd like just make a note of it on your order!

For more information, check out the Greater Goods website at: