Trianon Cafe

Trianon Coffee has been around Austin since the 1980's under various owners.  The latest rendition is reopening their Trianon cafe in West Lake very soon and none of us can wait.  They supply Nomad coffee shop, Magnolia Cafe, and some other popular coffee shops around Austin.  Once again, they have way more selection for microlots/single origin than blends, but their coffee is amazing and they have been an Austin staple since forever.

Here is a list of their standard coffees (16oz):

Light Roasts:  Magnolia Blend, Barletts Blend 

Medium Roasts:  Edmonds Blend, Toddy Blend Organic (can be used for cold brew)

Dark Roasts:  Organic Italian,  Barista Blend

Espresso:  Organic Espresso, Espresso

Decaf:  Decaf Espresso, Mexico Decaf, Decaf Colombia, Decaf Sumatra, Decaf Peru

Single Origins:  Colombia Dark, Colombia Organic Tolima, Brazil Mogiana, Costa Rica, Costa Rica Honey, Ethiopia Biftu Gudina, Ethiopia Natural Organic Sidamo,  Guatemala Huehuetenango, Hawaiian Kona, Jamaican Blue Mountain, Kenya Kenake, Kenya AA, Malawi, Organic Bali,  Organic Mexico, Organic Peru, Organic Uganda, Sumatra Dark, Sumatra Medium, Sulawesi Celebes, Timor Organic Free-Trade,  Tanzania Peaberry, Uganda Bugisu Bulaago

If there's a specific type you'd like just make a note of it on your order!

If you'd like to find out more you can check out their website at: