Barrett's Coffee

Barrett's Coffee

Barrett's Coffee has been supplying the Austin area for over 20 years, and you've probably tried their coffee at one of your favorite coffee shops around town because Barrett's supplies a hecka shops.  Halycon, Epochs, Bouldin Creek Cafe, Buzzmill, Legend, Frank's Hot Dogs, Cupprimo, and Siste, just to name a few.  As of now, they have finally got a space of their own and run a little coffee shop off St. Johns and Lamar.  Similar to Greater Goods, their selection of single origin microlots is much larger than other roasters, and much larger than their selection of standard blends.  Barrett's are one of our newer roasters so I haven't quite tried all their coffee yet, but from what I have experienced I've really liked them all.  

Here is a list of their standard coffees (16oz):

Light Roasts:  Costa Rican

Medium Roasts:  St. Johns Signature Blend

Dark Roasts:  St. Lucifer



Single Origins:  

If there's a specific type you'd like just make a note of it on your order!

You can find out more information about Barrett's by going to their website here: